There are many cp mascots such as Aunt Artic, Gary, and Rockhopper. In my opinion Gary is my favorite mascot and it will always be. Mascots come out when there is a party or Rockhopper docks his ship. Currently there is Operation Blackout taking place and you can get Herbert's autograph. At the Christmas party you can find Aunt Artic. ? At the Music Jam you can find Cadnece. Those are just some examples. Just a week ago I got Herbert and usally to get a autograph you track them down. Logging on servers countinunuly! I have acually only once not track and get a autograph and I came out of Bean Counters and it said Aunt Artic at the top of my screen so i clicked on a person with a pink beanie and I got a autograph. I have got 7 autographs and only 1 of the times I did it on accident. So always be tracking and be aware of the current mascot and track!